Musings on Shosh Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook: A conversation through a dress

Designers create a “lookbook” showing a smidge of their new season designs in order to inspire editors, stores, and bloggers to think you are greatest thing since sliced bread, or at least, to not lose interest after a glimpse. The lookbook is a taste of your oeuvre, your symphony for that season. Although the process of designing clothing is often, psychologically speaking, an unconscious one for me as a designer, after the required research is done, the result of all of my choices, longings, fantasies and work has to be communicated in a way that moves women to identify with them, to dress a piece of their own hearts as it does mine


Since we are making spring and summer clothing, my thoughts turn to the spring and my personal revolution. The colors summon renewal, they are almost childlike – the pinks, the pristine whites, like crisp hanging laundry. The linen, silk, and cottons feel like a natural bath, as though this collection is a backdrop for our emerging selves. Winter melts and it makes me crave a fresh take. Spring is a new way home, another chance to remake yourself. The idea of a new dress gives you a fresh channel through which to express your imagination, your rebellion, your politics, your love and its struggles.

Clothing is one of the simplest ways we can experiment and liberate ourselves. The simple act of getting dressed changes your frame of reference and how you interact with your own life.

So how can I create a conversation through a dress? Spring is a thaw, it’s a pushing through old soil, waking up your inner bear. Spring lightens your heart and summer ripens you. And part of sprouting is leaving, is struggling to find life and looking for new things, new conversations, new love.

I hope you like our SS14 lookbook.

Carol PrattComment