Where Ideas come from: Elegant Fabrics NY

A speck of an idea can come from a dribble of detail from a poem, or a feeling from inside a subway car that influences the vision for a whole collection. Fashion, ultimately, is emotion.

elegant from above.JPG

The fabric-du-jour is a useful boundary for us to work against, since our creative process references fabric and texture to further articulate the central idea or theme or metaphor, place or person that inspires the collection. With more fabric than we can possibly imagine – seriously, bolts on bolts on bolts - we look at kernel to get inspired by something outside of ourselves, or our heads might explode. Whether or not you always find something, the search supports your efforts to define what you ultimately want to say. The fabric is the grammar of our final statement, the collection.

This week we're at Elegant Fabrics NY looking for lining that supports the fabrics inspired by the tenement dwellers of early 20th century New York and London. Every detail is part of the language of the collection - even the lining has to support the texture and emotional and flavor we hope to achieve.


Carol PrattComment