FW14 - A Note on Trends

Most people, I venture, choose to wear an outfit from their emotional dictionary - clothing that reflects what they want other people to think and feel about them. 

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As designer, and as too often an overly shy person, I often find myself struggling with a paradox - I scream my quiet personal aesthetic, which is my need to seem like I have no needs, and try to highlight my effort to seem effortlessly confident and casually articulate.  

Any heavyweight shopper who appreciates design and good constructions knows that following trends is like bootlegging, or at least, a huge compromise, and finally, a booby prize. Granted, there is a short orgasmic rush in seeing a fad look fetching on your body - and then perhaps a murky depressive feeling follows this cheap thrill and you wish you hadn't sold yourself down the river. Fads die fast. When bloggers or marketers consider something is "in", it's usually "done" by the time they are talking about it.

Fads are not all bad; but, when followed blindly, a piece of yourself is compromised and falls asleep. Setting trends aside, I let fashion lead me on an exploration within. My greatest design challenge is not in anticipating trends, but rather in navigating my own habits and vulnerabilities, and in expressing that discovery through the clothing. 

- Carol Pratt

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