Shosh @ D&A 2015

548 West 22nd Street

September 18-20


Please contact us at to schedule a time to view the collection. 

Our studio will also be open for appointments before and after the show.

Lookbooks and linesheets will be ready + emailed shortly.

Where Ideas come from: Elegant Fabrics NY

A speck of an idea can come from a dribble of detail from a poem, or a feeling from inside a subway car that influences the vision for a whole collection. Fashion, ultimately, is emotion.

elegant from above.JPG

The fabric-du-jour is a useful boundary for us to work against, since our creative process references fabric and texture to further articulate the central idea or theme or metaphor, place or person that inspires the collection. With more fabric than we can possibly imagine – seriously, bolts on bolts on bolts - we look at kernel to get inspired by something outside of ourselves, or our heads might explode. Whether or not you always find something, the search supports your efforts to define what you ultimately want to say. The fabric is the grammar of our final statement, the collection.

This week we're at Elegant Fabrics NY looking for lining that supports the fabrics inspired by the tenement dwellers of early 20th century New York and London. Every detail is part of the language of the collection - even the lining has to support the texture and emotional and flavor we hope to achieve.


FW14 - A Note on Trends

Most people, I venture, choose to wear an outfit from their emotional dictionary - clothing that reflects what they want other people to think and feel about them. 

fw14 blog.jpg

As designer, and as too often an overly shy person, I often find myself struggling with a paradox - I scream my quiet personal aesthetic, which is my need to seem like I have no needs, and try to highlight my effort to seem effortlessly confident and casually articulate.  

Any heavyweight shopper who appreciates design and good constructions knows that following trends is like bootlegging, or at least, a huge compromise, and finally, a booby prize. Granted, there is a short orgasmic rush in seeing a fad look fetching on your body - and then perhaps a murky depressive feeling follows this cheap thrill and you wish you hadn't sold yourself down the river. Fads die fast. When bloggers or marketers consider something is "in", it's usually "done" by the time they are talking about it.

Fads are not all bad; but, when followed blindly, a piece of yourself is compromised and falls asleep. Setting trends aside, I let fashion lead me on an exploration within. My greatest design challenge is not in anticipating trends, but rather in navigating my own habits and vulnerabilities, and in expressing that discovery through the clothing. 

- Carol Pratt

Something Fresh on The Bowery: Shosh at the Trickponi Pop-Up Boutique in NYC

Trickponi has popped up boutiques across the globe, but only last week did the movement first touch down in New York City. Based in Saudi Arabia, Trickponi chose the theme for last week's pop-up likely as an embodiment of their cause: "East Meets West". From April 23rd through 27th, shoppers were invited to browse and discover an eclectic selection of brands from around the world. Shosh had the privilege to set up alongside some of the most promising designers from the Middle East, and came to witness the remarkable transformation of this small rental space on Manhattan's Bowery and 4th streets into an intimate and other-worldly shopping experience. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to support us! As for the rest, we can see only growth in Trickponi's future, so be sure to keep a look out for their next event:

Musings on Shosh Spring/Summer 2014 Lookbook: A conversation through a dress

Designers create a “lookbook” showing a smidge of their new season designs in order to inspire editors, stores, and bloggers to think you are greatest thing since sliced bread, or at least, to not lose interest after a glimpse. The lookbook is a taste of your oeuvre, your symphony for that season. Although the process of designing clothing is often, psychologically speaking, an unconscious one for me as a designer, after the required research is done, the result of all of my choices, longings, fantasies and work has to be communicated in a way that moves women to identify with them, to dress a piece of their own hearts as it does mine


Since we are making spring and summer clothing, my thoughts turn to the spring and my personal revolution. The colors summon renewal, they are almost childlike – the pinks, the pristine whites, like crisp hanging laundry. The linen, silk, and cottons feel like a natural bath, as though this collection is a backdrop for our emerging selves. Winter melts and it makes me crave a fresh take. Spring is a new way home, another chance to remake yourself. The idea of a new dress gives you a fresh channel through which to express your imagination, your rebellion, your politics, your love and its struggles.

Clothing is one of the simplest ways we can experiment and liberate ourselves. The simple act of getting dressed changes your frame of reference and how you interact with your own life.

So how can I create a conversation through a dress? Spring is a thaw, it’s a pushing through old soil, waking up your inner bear. Spring lightens your heart and summer ripens you. And part of sprouting is leaving, is struggling to find life and looking for new things, new conversations, new love.

I hope you like our SS14 lookbook.