Through our very personal creation process, Shosh helps to reform the way clothing is made by participating in the slow fashion movement. Most of our fabrics are up-cycled, reducing waste by using existing surplus luxury fabric; all our linens are sourced from responsible growers whose processes meet the standards of ecological sustainability. Finally, each garment is born from a small team of dedicated sewers who live and work in New York City.

Carol Pratt


The ritual of getting dressed, even for making toast, is a an exercise in self-expression. Designing a dress is a layered, sensual, intellectual and emotional progression of choices. It’s like having a conversation between myself and my heritage, between my personal aesthetic and the cultural imagery, between my effort to make magic and my concerted wish to fight death.

My inspiration for designing clothing is a way to refine the boundaries of who I am. For raw material, I draw on my artistic DNA – my mother is a painter, I am a filmmaker, my twin sister has taught me Taoism and life, my children are artists, my hubby is a political animal – all very much a part of my neurology. Stylistically I am on the masculine side of feminine, an unboyish tomboy. Another way of saying it is that I am drawn to lush fabric with structural properties that hug the body like a mitten as opposed to a glove. I design clothing that I would want to wear. My effort is to entice women to wear them for the same reasons that I do; to feel powerful, loved, to participate in community and show up fully in our best second skin.

Designing clothing is also making an exuberant political statement. Through my very personal lens of making clothing, I hope to do my part, helping to reform the way clothing is made. Working sustainably is the way I can participate in the planet’s well being by mixing, technology with beauty. Contributing to the vigor of the earth’s fertility makes me a gardener, amending the soil and yielding healthy, nutritious crops, in this case, clothing with rich texture, and wearable chic tailoring made from ethical choices.